Sprinkle love and kindness

Dear Love,

It is destiny, it always has and always will be. I have received so much love by giving. I gave and the universe multiplied everything. All the love and kindness fell into my hands. Yes, initially I didn’t see any light at the last moment I wanted to give up, because I’ve tried everything in power to change things, but within my capacity. The moment I wanted to give up, my dad suddenly gave me perspective. Suddenly there was a light and a possibility of keeping this beautiful apartment, suddenly I got an opportunity to work at this beautiful commercial. I didn’t know what to expect, in fact I didn’t expect anything, I just went with it. It was magical. All of it.

I put all the focus on myself. I don’t bother myself by ‘checking’ other people’s status, or what they are doing. I am making my own brand and valuing my own worth. Every thought is powerful. I learned to love and appreciate myself by making mistakes. Making mistakes and failing is inevitable. It is one step closer to success. It is humbling.

Every effort that I have done so far in order to get closer to my dream, every effort is slowly transforming in visible success. Slowly but surely. I always wanted quality over quantity. Quality matters. Humanity matters. Being kind matters. Humanity above ‘success’, having that balance with your family and work.

First I was crying why I didn’t get it, why other people are getting it, they are going ahead of me and now shifting my focus only to myself, appreciating myself, respecting others and myself equally. God bless if others are getting it, but my time will also come. This is my time. I do my best and the universe is rising towards me. Slowly people are adjusting to me not vice versa. I know where I came from, I know what days I have seen, the good and the bad. Now good times are coming, it always has. My mood and my happiness is not connected to my current circumstance. I am happy because I live life to the fullest, I am creating that balance, working on myself, being kind, celebrating life.

Celebrate life, success if love, success is having a balance between your career and family. Love to me is the most important thing in life. Things, status come and go. But my parents and sister, they are my treasures.

When God doesn’t grant you something immediately it means God has something greater planned. Something beyond your capacity of dreaming, something that you thought perhaps in your wildest dreams or not. He will grant you the biggest, the best. But go through the test, still be happy, if you can remain happy, than you are worth of having the best. Because by having the best, doesn’t mean that I get ‘happier’, it’s just a different level of happiness.

Thank you God so much, thank you so much for this. All is well. Thank you, I love you, I keep following your footsteps, I am ready, I AM READY. God bless

sprinkle love and kindness


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