Peaceful home

Good Evening Sweethearts,

I went to the farmer’s market today, then I read a book, watched a movie, went swimming and now I am here, writing. I have been searching for inner peace for so long and just when I thought I would get it, another obstacle came into my life. But honestly my lovely berries, those ‘problems’, ‘obstacles’, will always be there and I learned to still have a life. And see that as a minor thing, just finding a good solution for it.

I am having a nice weekend now, going out, having fun, enjoying and celebrating life. That is so important, to have that balance. Today at the swimming pool, I felt so loved and I appreciate my life a lot. I am so in love, with life. There are so many beautiful things yet to be discovered. These past few months have been so hectic and I was quite thinking the opposite and didn’t feel acknowledged. But in time, love and affection came my way. All these ‘hardships’ have taught me a lot. No pain, no gain.

Finally, by the grace of God, I am having inner peace. Of course not everyday is the same, there are ups and downs, but I have a peaceful home now, I am very grateful of that. A peaceful home. Me and my sister light candles. The apartment is white, looks like a beach house, really cute and beautiful.

Every time when I come home, I feel loved and have a nice balance of career and private life. When I come home, I come home, I feel at peace. I’ve got everything what I need, a home, my family and I am able to live my dream. I do my best to make it as peaceful and loving as it can be.

Have a beautiful evening with your family, light some candles, make it warm and cozy, it’s beautiful. The small and simple things matter the most, appreciate that, because when I look back, those were the moments.

Much love


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