Make magic happen everyday

Good Morning Sunshines!

I woke up, with a lot of resistance of myself, I went hiking, oef, but as always it’s very rewarding once I am on the top. Yes! The view is amazing as always and when the wind blows, there is a cool breeze, mmmm great. If I don’t do this, I am in a ‘normal’ mode. Hiking, exercising, dancing, always puts me in a magical mode. Always. That is great. I am superbly happy that I did this. Look, anxiety will come regardless of what I have, that is why I pray, and push myself to exercise. So I am not in my head too much. Live life, live free. Everything is alright, always is, always was. And if I’m not dependent on my circumstances, always will be.

Put faith into action and you shall see wonders. Start from nothing, rise from the ground, make magic happen everyday and one day all your efforts will be rewarded. Sprinkle love and kindness and you will receive more than you imagined. Thank you for all your love. Keep going, this is just the beginning. Love you always.-Themerchantpost

Have an awesome Tuesday, it’s 18th August 2015! Woohoo! Free yourself!


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