Balance it

Hi dear ones,

We’re entering the weekend, what a relief. I had a beautiful 3 days commercial shooting with an absolute wonderful production. I miss them and I hope I will work with them soon again. My intuition is saying that it is not a final goodbye. I’m sure I will see them again.

I am very happy and blessed that I got to meet such nice people. I know I get who I am. I made myself into a kind person. There are still things to be learned, but that’s okay, I am a human, not perfect. Today I had some ‘issues’ with my agent, but I realize I have a beautiful life, loving parents and sister. I came with nothing, got everything on my own, with my parents support. So nothing to lose.

I can only do my best. I’ve also seen that the people on top, director, producer, Ceo’s they are very happy with their lives, and they don’t make a fuss about things that easily. They are happy and content and give to others. I am learning to still be kind and give feedback on the spot. I’m definitely getting there 🙂

And with some people I don’t want to argue with, it’s pointless. Having said that, I am happy that it is weekend. I am not going to check my e-mail this weekend, I’ll safe it for Monday morning. I’ll take my weekend and have fun and let things be for what it is. I have learned that the hard way. This is earth and not after life, so these things always come and go, I only have control over my actions. So I’m going to live life to the fullest, celebrate regardless of anything.

It’s all good, there is always a solution for everything. When I didn’t have the bookings I cried and when I have it, other things pop up. I am not going to define my happiness by other people’s standards, or circumstances. I’ll take my responsibility for my own happiness and have fun. You never know what will happen, good or bad, I’ll take my moment.

Be so good that they cannot deny you.

Have a great night, rest well and enjoy this beautiful weekend!


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