It can be that simple

I took this weekend off, relaxed, ate lots of brownies. Yes, I had some anxiety about certain things. But I just cleaned the house and before that my mom called. It was a relief to express my feelings.

I watched Master Chef India and indulged myself into brownies and watching delicious dishes being made. A huge relief.

This moment, today is what I have and we’ll see what happens tomorrow, it doesn’t matter, I still have my loving family and sister and that’s beautiful. And I have God. All is well.

It’s all going to be fine, it’s okay. There is always a solution. I can only do my best. We’ll see and celebrate the moment, regardless of anything.

It’s all good, my luck have changed, because my mentality has changed. I am more caring and kind. I have a strategy and everything is a tool, to get to my destination, closer to God. What didn’t work for me before is working for me now, but by letting go and being in the present. Enjoying the simple things in life. It’s so simple, that I thought, ‘Can it really be that simple?’ Yes, it can!

I’m going to eat now, have a beautiful Sunday evening, take care and hugs to your family! xxx


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