Embracing the present and letting go of the past…again

Good Evening my companions,

Beautiful things have been happening. However, I realized something two days ago. I really have to let go of the past, of the past moments. And I am talking about the good ones, the beautiful moments, which are all in the past. I have to evolve, I have to move on. The past is the past. And I have to create new moments, new memories. Now.

I already started a new life here, but now I have to go full speed ahead. This is a new journey, new life. I am embracing it. The good or bad, it’s all gone, it’s all behind me. The battles of the past are done. New challenges ahead, Beautiful moments ahead, I am creating it, new ones, fresh ones. I’ve learned a lot and I am growing. New things to learn.

I loved you a lot the past, all the moments I shared with my family in Europe, it was awesome and beautiful. But I can create new ones here. I can work and earn so I can get my parents here, give them a beautiful holiday again, now it is my time. I am going to do it. It will be a new adventure, new journey. But my life is here, I am starting a life here. A new life. This is my home, LA, America is my home now. It’s a beautiful journey here and I am receiving so much love. I can only give something back, by embracing my present, embracing what I have now.

The past has shaped me, it’s all gone, it’s done. I am starting over again here, a new life, a fresh one. But keeping my mom and dad with me, always. I want to give them something beautiful in return and I will.

A new beginning, going full speed ahead, letting go of the past and embracing the present. It is happening, it is happening.

Love you, it is time to let go. I am letting you go the past. I am going into a new journey, my present. It is time.


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