What a life

On Monday, I had work in Santa Monica, it was at the Viceroy hotel. Absolutely amazing. Living the dream, beautiful palm trees, this is what I’m living for, enjoy life while I’m working. We went to Del Frisco afterwards and had delicious lamb burgers. I felt amazing and rich. Superbly rich. I had some left overs and gave it to my friend, who also lives in the same apartment building.

Then the bubble popped the next day and suddenly reality hit me. It was just a moment. Next day, the work was okay. One day it can be amazing and the next can be so dragging.

Two people who know me here in LA told me that I looked happier, I look ‘better’, ‘lighter’. Yes, I am more present and my eyes are brighter. I mean yes, I am alive. These 12 months, I have been much more alive than ever before. Because I made thankfully right decisions. I am blessed to be here and I am just going to roll with it.

You stupid, I still love you, you’re in my heart, but the reality is, I am better off with letting you go. I am present. Yes I am.


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