Freedom at last

For the first time in I don’t know so many years, I feel free again. Ultimate freedom. I feel freedom of thoughts. Finally I have trust back in life. Yes things change, this might be a moment. But I am indulging this moment. It’s 6.18 am and I am celebrating my life! OMG, I am. I cannot sleep yet. I am very much excited. Excited about a bright future. I have never stopped believing. I really am in love with life, with this particular moment.

I am watching the soap mistresses, I love it. Cheers to this life, to this moment. Finally getting myself back on track, finally following my intuition. All is well.

Regardless of any circumstances, I’ll be alright. I know I’ll be, I trust. I trust, I finally trust you. You will lead me God, my life is in your hands and I completely surrender to you.

Cheers to this life, thank you so much, finally my heart is at rest, I am present, living in the now. The past is gone, the future is a mystery, this moment, this day is what I have and I love every bit of it. I’ll be alright and I am alright. Thank you so much, thank you. I have to celebrate this moment, which I’m doing right now and I will get delicious Amorino cake and Ice cream, yeahh!!!

Love you, happy happy happy Saturday, happy 5th of September! Yes!


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