Why I love to exercise

Hi sweeties,

I just came from Core Power Yoga, which was a free class by the way 😉 I immediately hopped to the shower and for the first time, after 8.30pm, I didn’t touch my phone. I was finally present and did more. I take more care of my body. I cooked some veggies and ate it. Before that I already had salmon from Whole foods, which was delicious.

Initially I didn’t want to go, as usual, but I am not giving into feelings. I went anyway. I’m glad I did. I’ve been multi tasking a lot, a lot in my head, so it’s is so nice, to let my body go. To stretch and work on my muscles, my core. My skin becomes better. Because of a sudden change of ingredients in a foundation, my skin broke out. But if I exercise a lot, all the toxic comes out of my body. Very grateful that my apartment building is next to the building where they have Power Yoga, yeah!

I love exercising, it frees my body, a lot of nice people, great energy. I’m very grateful. I feel that I am more calm, especially when I am not on my phone now. I would like to implement this more often. After 8.30pm, I will not be on my phone, so I have a nice balance.

Exercising, keeps me fit and beautiful from the inside out. Like I said in my previous posts, ever since I took the time, to actually meditate, or do yoga, ‘me’ time, my life changed. I became more productive.

My eyes wants to close, I am sleepy. Stay healthy. Health is wealth.

Goodnight! xxx


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