I love balance in my life

The charming factor of Las Vegas, Nevada, the silence, the hospitality, the serenity, the calmness, the family environment, the view, are all still within me. That is the most precious gift. I still would like to be in tact with those aspects of life.

The reason I didn’t want to go back to Los Angeles, was again to be in this stress, working mode, thinking about the next day already, while this day hasn’t been over yet. Dealing with people, with work etc.  I just want to be. Just be. I can’t go back to the same mode before I went to Las Vegas, those 5 days were one of the most loving days of this year. 2015 has been very lovely and great so far. I have received so much love. But it’s because I am definitely more present and giving more importance to the moments in the now.

I do understand the strength of social media and it is great for promoting, but whatsapp, insta etc cannot take over my life, not anymore. I don’t live on it.  My life is filled with joy. Those 5 days were fulfilled, just enjoying my food, tasting, swimming, reading, looking at the view. So fulfilling. No chasing, no phone calls, not expecting things. Just being.

I actually go to bed early now, rise up early, do runyon canyon in the morning, AND I put my phone on airplane mode after 8pm and switch it again after 8am. It takes away the stress. And let’s me be.

I have lived with balance for a long time, because of my upbringing. I actually came home and dinner was served, we watched tv, then I went upstairs and did my things, did my homework, then dance class. I loved it. There was a nice balanced structure. No phone with me while I am eating.

I wanted to be in this profession, because I wanted to live a balanced, grateful life. I have it. I have everything I always wanted in life. I was 16 wished for something, 10 years later, I got the life I wanted, inner peace. That’s what I really wanted. I have it now. Thank you God, for showing me and letting me realize how to live my life again. I understand it now.

Less talking, more doing, enjoy and have a great day!


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