Getting into Cannes Film Festival

‘Are you the producer?’, the owner of a store said. I looked at him and said: ‘Yes, indeed’. Well, he couldn’t believe it. Me and my sister were making a deal regarding the location for our next project. Trust me, it is not the first time that people were stunned by the fact that I actually take on a role in life at such a young age, that usually is done by ‘an expert’, or ‘older’ person. I mean if I want to do it and I have the means to do it, nobody is going to stop me.

For the first time I was a bit disappointed by his reaction, but then again, I always get rejections, or they laugh at me, or think I am stupid. But sometimes, I have to play dumb, in order to get the information I need. If in consequence people think that I am stupid, I don’t care. And then eventually at the end those people are in awe, when I take on the crown. I lose the battle, but I win the war. Simple and easy, it’s about putting the ego aside.

The money I earned for the commercial is going into this film and we are officially submitting this short film to the Cannes Film festival. We have found a team and by the end of October we will be filming this project. It is something very dear to us and we also got our first letter of rejection, when we were looking for a cinematographer, this was in August. He cursed and found the idea ridiculous, the concept of the film too daring and hated every single thing that was being addressed in the film. I got deterred and wanted to change the concept. Including my parents said, don’t do it, it is very risky, and we could get hurt in the process. But my sister said that this was actually the first sign of proceeding with this story. Because we are standing up for those girls, who actually don’t have a voice and where society have a huge misunderstanding about them. They may seem hypocrites, but we are here to tell to not judge. No judgement. Of course I am leaving certain elements behind right now of the short film, in time I will reveal what makes it so controversial.

I am reading more and more articles which is about this issue, so I will absolutely tackle this issue by means of our film. Because trust me, in a year, everyone will tackle this issue. Everyone will find out. We are going for guaranteed success. Everything that I will earn through my profession, goes to this film, for the film making, marketing etc. I am the producer, Yes, I am. And I am proud of that. Let people laugh, let people say what they want to say, I am willingly going to lose this battle, but honey I am about to win the war. It’s timing. This is my next goal, I revealed it. This is what I am doing and of course living my life 😉


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