Receiving love

Last Friday, 16th of October, I unexpectedly received a lot of love. I was very grateful and happy for that. It was something given to me, at that moment I didn’t do anything, and I was hugged by a child. The little girl who was in my dream was there and complimented me. I received a lot of love. I got a callback for a commercial on Tuesday. This time I was in a different group. I gave love this time.

The girl who gave me love last time was amazing, but wasn’t asked for the call back. Now I gave love and didn’t get booked. I was said and thought I should have been ‘composed’ shouldn’t have given too much. But because of the girl who gave, I looked good. And I gave the next time, the other little girl looked good. The commercial was about Holiday gifting, being together with family, giving and receiving love.

I learned that really everything is written, but my reactions are not. I was sad that I didn’t get it. But I am receiving a lot of love in real life. In real life I’m loved. I am doing what I love and doing my own project. God you know what’s best for me. I know that, and I don’t know why I feel sad about this particular one. Perhaps I wanted to be part of this commercial, about this family gathering. I really wanted to. But there were a lot of things I wanted in life, which you knew wasn’t in my path. And I received so much more, things that I didn’t know I could achieve.

Yes, I became sad. Having everything what I wanted in life, I still became sad. I should be grateful for what I have now. I still have everything else. I have the financial means to proceed with my project, very grateful for that. That is eventually what I want. To be able to make my own films, being part of it and continue with that. Everything what I didn’t get, was a blessing. Now I can connect those dots. So apparently, you know what’s good for me.

Thank you God for all this love, I appreciate it. I truly appreciate it. If I would have everything, completely what I wanted right now, I would clean my house. Yes, it’s a mess, so I’ll give love to my apartment. Love you all, appreciate the simplest and little things in life, because I’ve realized that those are the biggest moments in my life.


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