How my dream became reality in 2 years

Two years ago I was looking for a dp (director of photography), went to a hallmark commercial, worked as an extra for free. I wanted to be a producer, because I realized that I didn’t want to wait for people to notice me, I have to put myself out there. That was the initial step towards my career. I followed my intuition, I didn’t fight it. So at the time, I wanted to be a producer, produce my own things, have money to pay my crew, write checks, stay humble and having my own company. At the hallmark commercial I saw a girl, she was the producer, her nails was perfectly and beautifully done. I asked her: “Where did you get the time to do your nails”. She said: ‘I don’t, I just made time for it and came a little late.’ I was smiling and admiring the producer’s role. Some guy was sitting in front of me and actually introduced me to the producer. The guy turned out to be one of the crew people, he was a dp. I expressed my concern of not finding a dp. I had one day left, to get it. He said at: ‘Just when you about to give up, that’s when you get it. Keep going’. He also gave me a hub, where to find a dp. Of course, I didn’t give up, because I wanted it too bad. And two days later, I got the dp πŸ˜‰ It was the best one.

It was a road of challenges, ups and downs, but two years later, on Sunday, it all became reality. All of it is happening. Writing the checks to my crew, from the commercials I booked, investing in my own projects and starting my own production company. I am a producer now, casting myself, my friends and my sister. It’s all about persistence and basic probability. Just keep going and one day I will have it.

I am doing my best and being grateful for this gift. Yesterday a friend asked me: ‘Are you still going to try to get a theatrical agent/manager?’. I said: ‘No, I did, they rejected, that’s why I am producing my own projects.’ πŸ˜‰ And you know what, there are signs that this is my path. The result is much bigger, I have won an award for best message of the short film and three film festival selections. Now I’m working on my second short film. At the end of the day, I want to make movies, and be part of a project that matters to me. All the others are just tools, to invest in my own projects.

So how did my dream became reality? I kept going, kept working, and most importantly I invested in myself. I didn’t wait around, I made it happen. I created it. I took charge of my own destiny. I became the master of my own destiny, at least getting close to it.

Love you all.


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