Lazy day

Good morning my butterflies,

I had a nice, comfortable lazy day yesterday. It was super windy and cold, thus I decided to take a break and not do a thing. Just lying on my sofa, eating a doughnut, chocolate cookies and watch TV shows ‘grandfathered’, ‘my crazy ex-girlfriend’ and a cozy Dutch program.

I’m grateful I could take a day off, I needed it. It just puts everything into perspective and now I can work again. Doing nothing once a week, is great, just relaxing.

I do feel that I want to travel, I really want to visit Amsterdam. Or go out of the city and relax. I know this is the final straw. I know that I have to ……

[a few hours later] This is just a feeling and it’s okay. But I’m not living my life to just pay rent. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Whatever, I feel horrible so what. It really doesn’t matter, it’s okay. I just have to do it. If I don’t, I’ll be wasting my time and energy.


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