It won’t stop until I’ve learned my lesson

Good morning dear ones,

My wordpress posts are somehow not coming out properly, I apologize. Anyway, I still haven’t learned my lesson apparently. We were in the editing room, great working atmosphere but the footage turned out to be not as expected. I am not capured beautifully on screen, I just have to be honest. I know now that I have to let my vanity go, it’s okay. Because lately it’s happening all the time. It’s something I need to practice. It’s not about me and for the next time, I have to practice angles.

I love my career and I have to follow my pace. My love will come,   But in time. I have to make myself deserving. It’s all possible, I just have to do it. Go and work for it, but there is a much bigger goal attached, I am trying to convey a story here. A noble cause, bigger than myself. It’s not about me, it’s about the girl in the film. She’s important. I have to keep giving, keep giving. This life is not just taking, it’s giving unconditional love, always, at all times.


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