Strange feeling

When I am entering into the unknown, I’ve got this strange feeling. Extremely strange feeling. Because there is nothing that I can fall back on. I want to run to the known, really, get that rest in my heart. It’s really scary. I find it really scary. But I only live once. So it’s better, if I take the opportunity to savor the moment. My sister is going to an audition, next to the cupcake shop.

I still have an essay to write, to get funding. I am stalling, because I’m scared to start with it. But obviously I have to do it, this is an opportunity for me to get buzz for my short film. To get acclaim for my film. But I can still enjoy life as well. I have to balance it. I can write as much as I can. I rather start and fail, than being afraid of making mistakes and not having accomplished anything.

So, I’ll balance it. I’m going to take a shower, wash my hair, freshen up, go with my sister to her audition, eat some cupcakes and come back with fresh energy and start on my essay. Let’s do this, let’s make magic happen.


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