I am extremely worried. I’ve got huge anxiety. I don’t understand it.  However it always turned out fine. It did actually. It’s just a little bit scary, this silence, going into the unknown. But I know I want it. My
Second film made me realize that I have to trust my path, my journey, it worked out beautifully. Don’t push things and trust God’s vision. Don’t open the past door. I want to. Wanted to. Actually not anymore. It’s just a strange feeling. I don’t understand it. It hurts. I’m healthy, have a good life, obviously I’ve got some tasks to fulfill in life. But life is not  a straight line. Sometimes you have to stop to smell the roses. That’s my balance. Do something completely else which has nothing to do with ‘work’, my dream. Just be. I came in this world to enjoy, live. Enjoy life. I don’t want to talk about work ever. I just want to do it. I don’t want to say what I’m doing. I want to say: ‘I’m living my life, enjoying, eating cupcakes, live free, just not say a thing. I don’t have to justify myself to others. Or to myself. I can enjoy my life. Just have fun, savor each moment. Because that’s how I can fill myself as a human being. Have fun, live free.
Remember one thing: people who want it, talk about it, don’t get it. People who enjoy life, live free, do their best, just working on their dreams with a let go mentality, they don’t really care, they get it. Those people always get it.


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