When I will meet you, I will meet God

When I reach my destiny, my goal, I get closer to myself, to God. When I will get you, I will get closer to God, I will feel enlightenment, release.

When I will meet you, I will meet God. The biggest high of life, is yet to be discovered, something bigger, something so beautiful, so define, then I can die with peace. I want to, if they can do it, why can’t I. I can do this, I truly can, God show me, help me, walk with me. I can’t do it without you God, give me powers to make this happen. Please God give me power to make this happen, to realize my dream, I want to, this is what I truly want, working like an athlete, physical release, by myself, being fit, I want to look the same after 10 years and reach the top, contribute to society magnificently.

Give me strength God to focus, give strength to have laser focus, give me strength to walk my journey. Give me strength God to do this, please God, give it to me. I want this. I have a mission to accomplish, let me do this God, help me, I want this.

Show me the way, give me powers to finish this, to reach to my goal, yes I am ready, I am truly ready, I will not fall astray, I will focus, it is done. Push me forward.


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