My morning breakfast, my favorite time of the day


Good Morning my love birds,

I had a lovely breakfast. Bread with fresh avocado (cold), with egg on top, onions and kale. It is extremely delicious. And with the avocado, it taste so heavenly.

Then I had again a piece of bread with only avocado. Mmm, my favorite time of the day is breakfast.

I am naturally slim, but this week I have worked out a lot and it’s apparently visible, people noticed it. And gave me compliments about being so fit. Wow, what a difference. I really feel happy, but honestly that is because of working out.

Life becomes easier, by accepting what I have and roll with it. Being present and feeling joy, allowing myself to enjoy.

Chatting with a friend I know for more than 10 years, was very nice and it puts everything into perspective. I can do my best and still enjoy my life. There is a healthy balance. Putting myself, God first, really changed my life. Everything else is secondary.

Ofcourse, I will always love, always. But I love love. I am happy where I am right now, there is no rush. I take life as it comes and this mentality is only created by working out. Because if I don’t work out that much, I start to think and it gets into my head. Life is too precious, If I want to waste my time, better just exercise and get the physical release. In that way I can get rid of any stress and frustrations I have. It puts me in the present moment right away. And suddenly I can do a lot more. Really, a lot more. Focusing on eating healthy, being fit and doing my work, plus enjoying life, it all is possible. I just have to remind myself everyday, that life is awesome, inhale, be present, exhale.

Have an awesome day, love you all!


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