The most powerful thing about time is: it changes

Dear blossoms,

Remember that the most POWERFUL thing about TIME is, it CHANGES.

I’ve pitched my film to several distribution channels, a lot of them have replied back, positively, however they don’t accept short films or they don’t know exactly how to market my film. I really don’t understand. It is weird to me.

Then I was put on available for a big commercial, however they decided to go the other way.

Mean while people around me are getting to a higher level, what is going on with my time? Seriously, I thought I have reached the higher level.

Wishing for another journey or to be someone else, is not going to work. I have to accept my journey, I do have a loving mom, a loving dad and a loving sister. I do have that, I spend a lot of quality time with them. It’s all good. I don’t want to say that it is not important, at the end of the day it’s love that all matters.

Having said that, is it wrong to ask for financial wealth, I want that too. I want to make successful films, films that appeals to the audience, they would go to the cinema and buy the ticket. I want to be a successful actress and producer. What does it take to do that? I want it. But asking to be someone else, or to be the next ‘Audrey Hepburn’, ‘Sophia Loren’, I mean they have their own identities.

I just have to be ME, but who am I? Really, what kind of skills do I have? WHO AM I? Am I the writer, or the actress, or the producer, a family person, an enthusiastic person? A serious person? Am I the one who inspires? Am I the one who gives?

It turns out I am all of them and I don’t know, I pray that it will happen soon, it has to click one day. For how long do I have to go through this. I mean, I thought I was out of this ‘struggle’. Seriously, when is it my time. WHEN IS IT MY TIME? WHEN?

IT needs to be done, It has to be done. I am living my life, I am enjoying the best I can, but I guess I have to give more gas. I don’t have to change myself, I just have to be ME. Just be ME. WHO I AM, is already enough. Be Me and the rest is history.


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