How to get a fulfilling day?

Good morning my lovely birds,

It’s Thursday February 18th, 11 am. Often it is talked about a fulfilling meal, but how about a fulfilling day. Yesterday I’ve experienced a fulfilling day after such a long time.

So on Tuesday evening I received an e-mail from my agent. I had a commercial audition the following day. I didn’t want to make my day about that only and luckily my following day, which was yesterday (Wednesday) was pact.

I’ve put my phone on air plane mode, because I didn’t want to get any distractions and I wanted to indulge my morning. I got the opportunity to do a free yoga class at 6.30am, which I did. I woke up at 6am. It was very early obviously and it did cross my mind to go back to sleep. The excuse of, ‘I will do it another time.’ But if I want to implement fitness like an athlete, every day, I have to start this day. And of course I don’t get what I want, I work for what I want. So I went, to the yoga class. I did my best in the class, but I worked with my body. Didn’t push too hard, because it is early in the morning. So if my body wanted to rest, I went into the yoga position ‘child pose‘.

It was an hour class, the instructor found me very productive and I felt good about myself that I did it. It was a bright morning. I went home, made myself a nice healthy breakfast. My favorite one, grain free granola with Almond milk. Very delicious and fulfilling. 😉


Around 9am I switched my phone back to normal mode and made myself ready to go to the audition, which just seemed like a regular thing I needed to do. Being present in the moment, being myself and that’s it. I went in and out, quick and easy. I went back home, ate some fruits and went to work. I finished at 4pm, went home, changed into a different outfit and went with my sister for dinner. We went to Cheese cake factory and had Jamaican Black pepper shrimp, the usual, very tasty. It was raining, so we bought a new umbrella, a high end on from Nordstrom with our gift cards and then I had to wait for the bus. It was pouring rain, but this is where I indulged and felt fulfilled:

I found it fascinating, because the city where I am from, it rains there everyday. I just was indulging in the moment, being present, not thinking ahead of about what I need to do. I actually said to myself: ‘I am going to enjoy this evening, I deserve it, just being, going home and just enjoy my time, listening to this rain.’

It was such a fulfilling day and I want to get more of those. I really want to work out more, by the end of this week, I have extra money left, to apply for LA fitness, so I can work out 5 times a week. And also swim, in or out doors.

I only live once and working out makes me happy, I started my day like that and the day went well. I accept myself more and appreciate my journey. I accept who I am. I love inspiring content and that is my mission, to put my film out there internationally, because what I have is very valuable. By working out, I just do it, without thinking, I go out of procrastination or self destructive thoughts, to feeling motivated. Because I also have something to say, something different. This is my journey, I don’t know where it is leading me, but God knows and I trust him. I trust you God, compeletely.


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