It’s all part of a masterplan

Everything that happened to me is destiny and part of a master plan. EVERYTHING. God has made a huge master plan, everything that I had to do and that happened to me was all a plan. I had to walk the journey and learn, now I’m ready.

I was crying a year ago, crying about my story. ‘Why is this happening to me, why am I not getting it, I want to be someone else’. Little did I know that God was making a master plan for me, something that I couldn’t foreseen. I had to go through it, all of it in order to understand that my journey is exactly right for me. I am being saved by God, that’s what I see now.

I knew that social media would not bring me further and it’s crumbling, just having commercials on your name doesn’t mean anything, if it’s not utilized for a purpose. Just getting money doesn’t mean anything. I always wanted to contribute to society.

I wrote 10 years ago,  where I wanted to make a difference in society. It turns out I always wanted to empower girls and portray that we are more than just our looks. I am more than just my looks and am equally ambitious. I wrote this 10 years ago, when I was 16. I was in Amsterdam then, now I am here and establishing this concept. Yes, I want to make history, I do and not lose sight of my ambition.

I am grateful that I am pushed into a direction of making my own films. I am pushed into the direction of producing my own films and now where to put the earned money into. I am grateful that my best relationships are with my parents and my sister. I know where to get the maximum result. I actually only got the commercial, because I used that money to put in my film. It’s not asking to get something in the air, it was a focus, a purpose. Not for prestige, but to contribute. What’s the point of getting everything if I don’t know what to do with it or I just pay it all on rent. What is the purpose of it?

Everything what I didn’t get, was a blessing, because I got something better, something that was right for me, but looking at society I thought I didn’t want it. I will walk with my path, this is my path. Time and time again I see where I feel confident and where I get the maximum result, where I get fulfilled and contribute the most. That’s the most important thing, I am contributing. The best relationship is with God, he is my best friend and he knows who I am. I am happy that I perhaps didn’t have a ‘solid’ equation with my agent, because I don’t see any value of it. This is not my, filmmaking is my path, I make something happen. And an agent is just a tool, that’s it. I had a full life in Amsterdam, I know where I come from, there are more ways that lead to Rome, I found other ways.


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