My entrepreneurship club with lots of love and fun

It’s Monday evening 10.23pm and I’m really eager to meet successful entrepreneurs. What does there work schedule look like, how did they work themselves up from ground zero? I’ve all researched it and I’m definitely doing it. Every successful person does fitness, that’s for sure. They put health first and love. Finding a nice balance between work and family.

My aim is to have longevity in my career and eventually become one of the top leading entrepreneurs in the world. I’ve just turned 26 and I do have a film production company. My second film is now in several film festivals and I’ve already received several recognition regarding my work. But I’ve got more goals. A lot of ambition.

I’m going to take a nice warm shower after a great work out and watch a nice movie. It’s about love. Because as I go and achieve my goals, I’ll keep loving as I go, I’ll give love, spread love and kindness. I let it all go and have fun. It’s important to have lots of fun, laugh, it keeps the soul young. 😉

Cheers and have a good night!


How I get rid of my anxiety

Good Evening sweet hearts,

I had a lot of anxiety today and around this time, when I have my periods, especially then I dwell upon my past. My past love etc. I just think about that person a lot and about things that usually is just depleting my energy and putting me in the past. Anxiety becomes bigger and I feel I’m not going anywhere with my life.

I baked coconut cake and that helped a little bit to get ride of this feeling. But what really helped me was of course exercising. Trust me I didn’t feel like going to LA fitness at 8pm. At that time they had a Zumba class. I didn’t feel like it at all, in my mind I was saying, what’s the occasion. I mean, what difference does it make. Of course I’ve seen the results, I look and feel great. But I thought I might as well just sit on the couch do nothing and “think” about my life. Come on! I pushed myself and I just went.

OMG, I loved it!!! I feel so alive whenever I dance. And I know this battle keeps going on whenever I want to go and exercise. Beforehand I just don’t feel like going. But then again, who am I waiting for. And this anxiety is not magically disappearing.  But Zumba helped me, dancing help me to feel out of this world. Endorphin hits and I’m in heaven instantly, yeah! Dance the anxiety away, yes!

This is all I’ve ever wanted. I wanted to go with that person, the one I liked a lot, that person is still in my heart forever and ever, but I can’t stop my life for that person. I just go and do it myself, dance by myself with my Zumba class mates. It was fun and exciting!

YEahh!! Love it! Dance, make magic happen everyday! Love you!!

And they played an Indian song, which I really loved.  I love love, khush raho, pyaar karo.

Quote of the day

When you just know you know and that kind of knowing is called intuition. Follow your intuition even when the conscious mind cannot comprehend it and find it illogical and when that happens God is talking, because he can foresee everything. He can where I can’t.


Hi chocolates,

I love my Me-time, it’s relaxing. I love reading books which is about growing my business, or about ‘how successful people think’.

Moreover, discovering nice places to travel to. I love flying. Me time, is just spending time on my own. Going to LA fitness and discover things all by myself. I love it. I honestly feel a lot of joy when I hike on my own.

Of course I enjoy spending quality time with my sister, but I equally like to spend time with myself as well.

Listening to music, watching movies, baking, I’ve found ways to spend quality time with myself. I’m not going to wait around until my ‘prince charming’ will come and then I’ll enjoy and do those little things that makes me happy. Why not now? Why wait? I’m not waiting anymore, in fact, whole 2015 I had a lot of fun, I’ve discovered how nice it is to be me. How much rest there is. I was so restless before, I’ve let all things go and go with the flow.

I put God first and the rest flows by its self. Whenever I don’t know God knows and follow God’s knowing, He knows what’s best for me. Right now it’s so important to enjoy life’s simple pleasures: eat, pray, dance, discover, love nature, everything and most importantly create. Always. Love you all, Happy Monday and hope you’ve enjoyed Easter Sunday 🙂

Being in harmony

Good Afternoon sweet potato pies,

Being in harmony with myself was an important goal. I can lovingly say, that I’ve indeed become more harmonious with myself. Where I would be frustrated, slammed the door, one and a half years ago, when someone or my sister would be ahead of me, Now I remain calm. In fact, I encourage my sister to pursue her dream. Everything what has happened to me the GOOD and the BAD, equally was my creation, it happened to me, because I was giving out that energy.

I always ask if I could do it over again, well I can and I’m doing it. I’ve been given a second chance and this time I won’t waste it, I will take it, because what I’ve realized is that the sun cannot shine on everyone, but it sure can in time.
I accept what is in my destiny and I have rest in my heart.

If I have spare time, I fitness or bake cookies. I appreciate time. I won’t complain, I’ll do it at my pace. I keep going, one step at a time, focusing on my goal, my road. That’s it, I can make it as easy as that, I really can.

I’m done with drama, I keep my life simple, how it’s supposed to be 😉

Focusing on myself and not comparing is one of the major keys to success

For the past few years my body was craving for a good cardio work out. I love taking fitness classes, whether it is zumba, kickbox cardio, hip hop.
My aim was and is to increase my stamina. Increasing endurance level. It is about patience.

I’ve realized for myself that it was not about being a ‘ perfect dancer’ that will come in time, it’s about getting better. Getting the flow and ease and most importantly doing the same dance/work out routine over and over again without stopping. With all the best energy I have.

Most importantly, I should NEVER  compare myself to others. One lady was at the front and thought it was Zumba class, but in fact it was hip hop. She actually was doing a great job and a very quick learner. But along the way we would do hip hop workout routine together repeatedly, she looked at me how ‘ well’ I was doing it and after a while quit and left class. The fact of the matter is she was actually performing extremely well and is she just pushed it through she would out perform me. But she left. And she didn’t realize that this my third hiphop class, obviously I’m going to do a good job.

Unbelievable how life works. If others are getting it faster they’ve been here for quite some time.  But when people are discouraged because they look at others, and they quit afterwards, then there is a lot of space for me. There still is a lot of space for me, I believe, but the key is not to be the best or perfect right away, it’s about not giving up. I didn’t give up, I continued and went for it.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Happy Friday!


Thank God I listened, when time told me to keep moving forward

I thank God from the bottom of my heart, that I’ve shifted to Los Angeles. I’m growing as a human being and discovering so many things. The past is really gone and thank God I’ve embraced my present.

The one I thought was my one and only, was actually just for time being, that person reminded me to not take my family for granted. It reminded me that I am a kind, loving person and I don’t need someone to give me validation. I’ve grown and as I look back, now I can connect the dots. Now I can. Now I can see, that I made the best choice of my life, to follow my dream, my destiny.

I am grateful for every thing that happened to me. I’m so grateful. Every day, I thank God that I am here, living the best possible life. I’m reminding myself that I am good enough, I am good as I am and I’m so grateful to myself, that I made the best decision.

When time tells me to keep going forward, even though I don’t want to, or I just want to stay in the status quo, because I don’t feel like it, I just have to keep going forward. God knows better. He is the master planner. I just have to go and follow God’s plan. He truly knows what’s best for me. Oh God knows better. I will not question God ever again. It’s God’s will and I am following his footsteps. And I’m very grateful that this is my journey.

Thank you, God bless.

Going to the gym

Hi dear ones,

Am I excited to go to the LA fitness, to get hiphop class, nope. I’m never excited initially, and never will be. I have to push myself. But afterwards I feel great.

Yes, I feel lazy, just want to lie around. But I know it will do me good. I’ve got literally  5 minutes left. Plus my head is full of that political shows, that I went to regarding work. Oef, have to leave my brains behind. And don’t want to talk.

Guys are usually so disciplined in going to the gym, I look up to those guys. I love it, they really don’t skip a class. Anyway I believe on focusing on what I would like to achieve. I want to be fit, happy, healthy producer, actress, person.

So, I’m going. I’m not the best, but I’ll make the most out of it, as long as I move and not get to much in my head.

See you later!

Eating healthy and delicious

Good Evening lovely avocados,

While I’m eating fresh delicious healthy organic avocado’s with nice brown bread, I would like to write a post on the importance of healthy organic food.

I think about 2 years ago, I ate anything and I didn’t even realize that it would affect my skin. I’m from Europe, so my skin immediately reacts. But I kept eating those food, out of ignorance and it was quite cheap. I noticed that Good food with quality costs more. Anyway, my sister became very strict regarding eating ‘good'(non-gmo, organic) food, since her skin would be even more affected, her whole face would break out with lots of bumps, if she would eat processed food. The fact of the matter is, at times, I couldn’t even afford ‘organic’ food, which was low to zero percent on pesticides. GMO food is cheap. And I frankly didn’t care, because again I couldn’t afford the good stuff. I thought food is food.

My sister told me: I rather die, than eating something which makes me think I’m fulfilled, but it’s killing me in the wrong run. She was the only one saying it. The rest of the people around me, including my mom said: ‘Oh well, your sister is exaggerating. It isn’t so bad.’

Yes, making my own food takes time, it does. But *touch wood* thank god I’m still healthy and I rather invest in it now, then dealing with medical bills later. I only eat seafood and I’m vegan now. I do eat meat, I love meat, make no mistake, but only if I know it’s 100% grass fed. In Las Vegas, I was eating delicious, healthy meat. Here, I only eat shrimp and lots of vegetables.

I feel healthy and my skin is glowing. I took a risk and invested in good food. There is good food out there and as a family, I am able to buy healthy, organic food.

Yes, per month I am spending a lot on good food. If I would choose something cheap, I could most definitely buy the latest Samsung phone by the end of the month. I’ve got priorities. And of course my aim is to buy anything I like. But what I like, is that what I need? Healthy organic food, without pesticides tastes better and feels better. Most importantly, my skin looks and gets better.

Health is wealth. I’m very blessed with a baby sister who was crying for ‘good’ food and had her own principles. She was willing to die for it, to get quality food in her body. Even if it meant that we perhaps couldn’t afford living in LA. At the end of the day, health is wealth. Of course by the grace of God, we were able to eventually work it out. But we did take a risk. Even when there was no perspective.

We buy most of our groceries from Whole Foods and only buy food with the lowest pesticide load.

It all takes time, to research it, but I make time for it. Just like I make quality time with my sister, I take time to work on myself, I take time to pray, I take time to go to LA fitness. I value myself and my body. I now love baking. I love using my small oven. There are easy, quick and healthy recipes to make.

Yesterday I bought organic Japanese sweet potato. I’ll make something tomorrow 😉


I love early mornings

Good Morning early birds,

It’s now 9.37am, Wednesday, 2016. I woke up around 7.50am, had a small breakfast. It consisted of fresh banana and kiwi, with grain free granola. Then at 8.30am I went to Zumba class at LA fitness.

I’ve just returned! I love early mornings, there is something magical about it. Especially when I go to a fitness class in the morning, I really feel that I exist, I’m alive and not taking this life, this moment for granted. I am aware and present.

I always wanted to live every moment and not be in a routine, that I can’t even see daylight. Thank God that I am taking risks and taking the time to have a morning. At first I didn’t want to wake up that early. But I owe it to myself. It’s so beautiful outside. The sun is shining 😉 And I won’t take this sun for granted, since it is very cold and raining in my hometown, in Europe.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, I don’t know what life will bring me, but I do know that I have control of my actions for now, for today. I choose to be happy, I try to make each day count, each moment count. Whatever will happen, all is well.

I’m going to take a shower now and get back to my own self made company, which is emerging, only time will tell 😉

Cheers, have a lovely Wednesday!