Go with the flow

Don’t break your head about something you didn’t get. Even when you think you know something, you really don’t know.

It’s good to filter, but it’s also good to find new tricks to life, to business. Last Thursday, I realized this. For e.g. You have a person x who had to win to get a certain ticket and worked hard for it, she got the VIP ticket, but then she had to stand. She thought because she won, and only a ‘few’ gets it, she was privileged. Circumstances made it look like it. Where in reality, person y didn’t have to do anything, got better seats and got paid for it. Person x doesn’t know this, but thinks she was doing well, while person y received more and got is easily. Person x thought initially: ‘Why didn’t I get those VIP tickets’, where in reality her kismet was better.

Lesson to be learned. Don’t every break your head about things when you didn’t get something. When you get something, it’s good, but when you didn’t get it, it’s better. I’ve been in LA for 4 years now and I am very blessed, I can see that now. Everything was and is a blessing. God knew, when I didn’t know, however my intuition was guiding me. Always follow your intuition. Always.

I always remind myself that it is not about getting it and it’s most definitely NOT about when I get there. It’s about sustainability, longevity. I am very happy that I lived my life in Amsterdam for 22 years. I went to weddings, birthday party’s, family functions, traveled the world, I had a whole life there, full dimensional and I realized by coming here, how fortunate I am. It keeps me grounded and I know where I came from. Just going for a career, or having that is empty.

I’m implementing my indulgence moments here, every Sunday I go to the Amorino ice cream shop with my sister. It’s nice. If I had all the money in the world and I accomplished every task, would I do this? YES. So why not now? I see that more wealth and prosperity is coming into my life.

Everything has it’s own time, no rush. I love the space I am right now. If I get something, great, if not, I trust something else will come my way, something better. I’ve seen it happen. I am very grateful for that.

I go with the flow, because God knows better, I trust and let go 😉 It’s working, always has and always will be.


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