Yes, I did it!

Yes, I’ve been able to stay committed. I haven’t checked anyone I know on social media, to see what there up to. It is tempting sometimes. But instead of wasting searching people and looking, I invested those hours to go to LA fitness. I’ve regained my focus and I’m much more happier and content this way. I can see my blessings and I accept my journey.

I’ve got inner peace. Even when I thought oh well what difference does it make to look one time. It actually does. I’m unconsciously depleting my energy and not appreciating my time, me-time. I read more, exercise more and focus on MY goals and I’m much more excited about life and I’m tremendously ambitious again. I discover more things, innovative things.
So very proud and I try to commit to this for this whole month. Yes, my 30 days challenge is on! Let’s see what the results will be, keep you updated!


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