Self made banana bread

Good Evening my lovely people,

On Monday I had the urge and desire to bake my own banana bread, with all organic ingredients, no sugar added. It looks easy and it is, but because it was my first time, it took some time to make this. Just because it is easy, doesn’t mean it can be quickly done. At least with me, not for the first time. I still have to do it.

Anyway, when I tasted it, just after it was done I didn’t like it. So the second day, I shared it with a couple of my friends. They were very happy about that. I was so hungry and I just ate it. The second and third day, that’s where the taste came in. It was very delicious! And everyone loved it.

It wasn’t what I expected to be. But I did do the action of celebration. I shared it. See, what does it take me to be happy? Actually it’s a constant,day by day thing. One day is not the same like the other. I do appreciate myself and accept my journey. Sometimes I do feel stuck, like yesterday and today. I felt like a failure that I still haven’t managed to earn consistently a big amount. But that’s the challenge, to get to that. If I can do this, I would feel exhilarated.

I have to remind myself constantly that I am good enough, with or without, I am a valuable human being, and I’m not defined by my current circumstances, with or without success, I am good enough.

I feel proud of myself that I made the banana bread. Initially I did think it was a waste of my time to make it. But even if I’ve had accomplished everything, would I make it? Yes, I would.

Celebrate now, be happy now, laugh now, love now, create now, wear the beautiful things now. Life goes on, time ticks. Time will never stop. And before I know it, it might be already too late. Even if it is, I still can do it. Life is about celebration. Whether I feel it or not, just do the action. Cheers!



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