The law of the handicap of a head start

Good Afternoon my loved ones,

It’s Thursday 17th of March 2016, 1pm. I feel that time is ticking like a bomb and going into circles. It’s weird. However my circumstances are showing me somehow, hint by hint, I’m going into the right direction. I always feel like I want to move a mountain in one day, otherwise I haven’t done anything. But to do so many tasks, even thinking about it, is overwhelming.

I’ve realized that I had to cut down on tasks. And just to literally one task a day. Because doing the groceries, doing fitness, eating, doing the dishes, etc. those things take time and that also needs to be done. So it’s okay. One brick at a time and soon I have a wall.

I always have to remind myself, the story of the rabbit and the turtle. It shows the law of the handicap of a head start. The turtle just kept going and eventually won the race. As slow as he was, he did it. Meanwhile the rabbit took his head start for granted. I experienced both! I can’t take it for granted that I’m here, I still have to continue, even when it is one step at a time. Or fast, it’s all about consistency.

It’s not about quantity, but quality. If I do one task a day, I’ve accomplished more, then just thinking about all the tasks I have to do. That’s why I also implemented baking in my life. I like to bake, it puts me in the present and I create with my hands. It’s fun.

The more I do it, the faster I become. That’s actually with everything, soon I will be faster. It’s about efficiency. Am I productive? I think by doing at least one thing for my production company a day, is productive.

Two solid weeks before we hit April, I haven’t checked people I know on Social media for a week now. And I see the power of it. Everyday, I’m becoming more focused on myself and appreciate my journey. I’m getting there. It takes 90 days to remove a habit and acquire a new one. I’ll get there.

What is my goal? My mission is that I would like to get my short film seen at the platforms where I wanted it to be, so that industry people can see our potential and work with us. The audience will see it, children will see it. Eventually continue making films, with a larger audience. It’s for the new generation 😉

The story of the rabbit and the turtle and thereby the law of the handicap of a head start is beautifully told here:

Have a beautiful Thursday, take it easy! 😉




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