Thank God I listened, when time told me to keep moving forward

I thank God from the bottom of my heart, that I’ve shifted to Los Angeles. I’m growing as a human being and discovering so many things. The past is really gone and thank God I’ve embraced my present.

The one I thought was my one and only, was actually just for time being, that person reminded me to not take my family for granted. It reminded me that I am a kind, loving person and I don’t need someone to give me validation. I’ve grown and as I look back, now I can connect the dots. Now I can. Now I can see, that I made the best choice of my life, to follow my dream, my destiny.

I am grateful for every thing that happened to me. I’m so grateful. Every day, I thank God that I am here, living the best possible life. I’m reminding myself that I am good enough, I am good as I am and I’m so grateful to myself, that I made the best decision.

When time tells me to keep going forward, even though I don’t want to, or I just want to stay in the status quo, because I don’t feel like it, I just have to keep going forward. God knows better. He is the master planner. I just have to go and follow God’s plan. He truly knows what’s best for me. Oh God knows better. I will not question God ever again. It’s God’s will and I am following his footsteps. And I’m very grateful that this is my journey.

Thank you, God bless.


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