How I get rid of my anxiety

Good Evening sweet hearts,

I had a lot of anxiety today and around this time, when I have my periods, especially then I dwell upon my past. My past love etc. I just think about that person a lot and about things that usually is just depleting my energy and putting me in the past. Anxiety becomes bigger and I feel I’m not going anywhere with my life.

I baked coconut cake and that helped a little bit to get ride of this feeling. But what really helped me was of course exercising. Trust me I didn’t feel like going to LA fitness at 8pm. At that time they had a Zumba class. I didn’t feel like it at all, in my mind I was saying, what’s the occasion. I mean, what difference does it make. Of course I’ve seen the results, I look and feel great. But I thought I might as well just sit on the couch do nothing and “think” about my life. Come on! I pushed myself and I just went.

OMG, I loved it!!! I feel so alive whenever I dance. And I know this battle keeps going on whenever I want to go and exercise. Beforehand I just don’t feel like going. But then again, who am I waiting for. And this anxiety is not magically disappearing.  But Zumba helped me, dancing help me to feel out of this world. Endorphin hits and I’m in heaven instantly, yeah! Dance the anxiety away, yes!

This is all I’ve ever wanted. I wanted to go with that person, the one I liked a lot, that person is still in my heart forever and ever, but I can’t stop my life for that person. I just go and do it myself, dance by myself with my Zumba class mates. It was fun and exciting!

YEahh!! Love it! Dance, make magic happen everyday! Love you!!

And they played an Indian song, which I really loved.  I love love, khush raho, pyaar karo.


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