Life is a journey, not a destination

Good Evening sun shines,

Yesterday morning I went to Target with my sister to buy ink for the printer, to print out business cards. After that I went to an audition in North Hollywood. And in the evening, I had some quality time with my sister. We went to see Jungle Book, 2d, where chairs were moving, it was really fun. Without the moving chairs, it would be as fun though. Without it, it would be a bit boring I guess. I wanted to experience more scenes of the jungle, that would have been great. The boy, Mowgli, was great, he did do a great job, he is fun to watch. Epic music was missing. Zootopia and Kung Fu panda 3 are definitely still my favorites.

Meanwhile what I thinking:

For so long I’ve worked towards a dream. A goal. I submitted my short film to one of a major European film festival. In 2013 I submitted without any effort, I made a short film and just send it, because it was free. But this year, 2016 I submitted a shortfilm, where invested time and money. My own money.

In 2013 I wasn’t selected. No worries, nothing lost. In 2016 I also wasn’t selected. I thought, I can be a sportsmen and just submit next year again. But unconsciously it got to me. There were some couple of things I needed to do regarding film making and I was stalling it. I thought: ‘What’s the point?’

But living my life, still having fun and have a good time, watching movies, enjoying, gives me perspective. I had to take a break and that is fine. It’s okay if I stopped some of my work and regain new energy. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

It is so important to continue with life and don’t let it stop me. Tomorrow there is a world premiere for our short film in Los Angeles. I didn’t get in the European one, but we did get in the American film festival. America has always welcomed our creativity and I am very grateful about that. Sunday there will be an Award ceremony. I can’t make this too big, or too small, this is an event, to screen our film and gather with creative people. Like I said, it is a journey, it’s exciting and I am just going to learn and observe. Just having fun with it. At the end of the day what fills me are experiences. The journey. Not just going straight to a destination. Everything in between is exciting. So let’s see what happens.

Enjoy this beautiful Friday, much love!




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