Delicious Organic pancakes, dairy free, eggs free

Hi sweet hearts,

I was craving for something sweet, but also something salty. Internally I felt that I wanted to occupy myself with something. I think a lot, analyze a lot. And baking, cooking easy stuff, is a relief to my mind. I become present, I mean I have to. When I cook, emphasize on easy cooking, it makes me feel free. I’m doing something creatively. And if I can’t do it immediately with my art, I do it for myself. And I was hungry. Usually I would just go out for dinner, but I want to make sure that everything is prepared with olive oil and it is organic.

I’ll be honest. I always wanted to bake with my ‘prince charming’ when I will find ‘him’, ‘the one’, then I can do these life’s simple gifts. I mean seriously, how long should I wait?  I am celebrating everyday, with or without. It all starts with small steps. Baking lovely things, cooking nice recipes, fitness, writing, what’s next ? 😉

I haven’t included eggs, because my skin lately broke out from that. Unfortunately they’ve changed an ingredient. Please be aware, they might have a certificate of non-gmo and organic, but after they got the certification, they can change one ingredient, which changes everything. And I drank too much almond milk, which is also not good. Everything in moderation.

What did I put in?

-1 cup Arrowhead Mills organic whole wheat flower
-1 tbl spoon organic coconut flower
-1 tbl spoon olive oil
-2 ripe bananas (organic)
-1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
-1/2 teaspoon Himalayan sea salt
-1 cup water, or a little bit more 😉

I mixed it in the smoothie mixer, and voila I had my pancake mix. I added the banana mix at the end and didn’t mix that, because I like to have some big chunks of banana in my pancake, it’s more delicious that way.

I cooked it in the pan, high heat. After 5-7 minutes I flipped it over for another 5 minutes. Yes, it does take time, I had to do that per pancake. But now I know, that preparing healthy takes effort. But it’s okay, I could choose in going on Facebook watching other people, or invest in myself. I’m just spending some quality time with myself. I know now how to make some nice dishes for myself.

Very delicious and healthy. No sugar added, just healthy bananas hmmm. All organic, and super tasty. I love it! As I’m writing this, I’m craving for more.

Have a great evening, love you all!

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