Waiting for a magical moment

I’m waiting for a magical moment, I am waiting for you. I went in for a commercial audition, I was close, very close, but my last reaction didn’t hit the mark. I went home, recorded my reaction in the camera. Next time I know, how to do if differently. But that’s the thing! Every audition is in the moment, this time I hit the other factors and missed another one. Those hits and misses. One time I hit it right and then again a miss and then a hit. It’s truly letting go, I know that, just doing my thing. I did.

I just want to hug you, be in your arms.  I know nothing good can come out of it by holding on to you. But we had moments with each other, magical moments, I am so glad I know you and met you. With you I had my first kiss, with you I was holding hands, those little moments, I want that with you.

But then reality hits. Part of growing up hits me. There is a time to move on, find other magical things in life.
I came home, a bit devestated, but my sister had some good news she said. She found a beautiful Indian restaurant which serves organic food. I was craving for indian food, but organic, vegan.
She said it with love and compassion, but I was in my head with winning. I just wanted to win and get this project. It seems so ‘perfect’ anyway I just have to trust that God knows what’s best for me. He has shown me before and I will listen.

There is always something. Even when I got the commercial, the stylist was bad. Or when I got you, I wanted to have a career. There is and always will be something. I still have to practice to be happy with what I have and make the most out of it. It sounds so good and it’s easy to write. Feelings come in the way, but I have to go through this, I just have to.


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