Life’s little treats, what a feeling!

My cupcakes,

After a long time I’ve indulged myself with a sprinkle cupcake, vanilla. Oh my god. For the past few days, weeks, I didn’t feel anything. Nothing. But two things make me feel, in heaven which has not to do with a person. Which is in my control 😉  A sprinkle vanilla cupcake. Oh god, I was in heaven, absolutely divine. And when I dance. Yesterday I did hip hop class and I felt instantly. I felt amazing, what a work out, what a dance.

Those two things in life, are heaven. I know, everything in moderation. But if I want to feel, I go to this life’s treat. I wanted a wedding cake and this taste like it. This vanilla sprinkle’s cupcake, is heaven and I got my first one for free. After such a long time, I indulged and it was precious. I could appreciate it even more.

Walking outside, breathing fresh air, dancing and eating some sweets, everything in moderation, but God, this is heaven. Thank you that this exists and thank you that I am in America. I love you all. I feel and I love the feeling. It was amazing after such a long time. Next time again, till we meet again my delicious cupcake. Love you, much love and kisses!

And when my parents arrive, I will order lots of vanilla cupcakes mmmm, love you! I just wanted to feel that I exist and I felt it today, oh I did 🙂


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