Celebrate, making this day special

On 1st of May, 2016, I celebrated this day, by being grateful for what I have. Whether I feel it or not, but I can make my day special, with small treats. This time I chose to buy 4 magnolia vanilla cupcakes. I wanted to do this for a long time, but what was I waiting for? Waiting for the next big thing? I stopped waiting and started doing 😉

I had my small baby shower. In this case my baby is my short film. It has earned a nomination and more to go. My aim is to win an award and raise awareness for the film, to bring the message across globally.

This was also a celebration for being here in America for 4.5 years, in October it will be my 5th year of living in Los Angeles.

And I’m celebrating for having harmony and peace within the family. Love, harmony and peace with my parents and sister. 🙂

I have already what I need. Celebrate life, with or without, everyday can be special. I didn’t expect anything today, I created the magic, by myself. And of course with blessings from God.

Have a great night, love you all, lots of sweet dreams, much love, hugs! Love, create, make magic happen everyday 😉

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