Time waits on no one

I was going in the past with my thoughts, ‘if I had done this’ or I realized how much fun I actually had during my high school years with the guys. But meanwhile my present is playing, which is now, that record is going on. Everytime when I dwell on the past, it is effecting my present. And this present time shall pass and I’ll look at this time again and I would say; ‘ I could have had so much fun.

The thing is, time doesn’t wait for no one, it moves on. It didn’t happen then, you can make it happen now.
I talked to my grandma yesterday. I could easily be there in Europe, in her house and time easily would make A shift, I would adapt to it, as if america was around the corner, as if that experience of being in Los Angeles didn’t rub anything off. As if,….
I have this now and I appreciate it. Because u never know. Enjoy this time, don’t judge it.


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