In silence you love

Today, 6th of May, 2016 I’ve realized that another person, loves me. I’ve realized it the moment I let my past go, the one I loved, I let that person go. I’ve met you in LA 5 years ago. Do you really love me that much? I have realized it now. Yes, I liked you too, but I thought you are very handsome and goofy at the same time, we are just friends. I saw you as a friend. But when I look closer, you were the one who helped me, when I asked. You gave me compliments and danced with me. I couldn’t see it. It was for the best, because you confessed your love to me and knew that we couldn’t be together, because of your situation. But that didn’t stop you from loving.

It does make me feel special that you still are holding on to me, whether it is in a friendly matter, as ‘friends’ or perhaps in the near future as colleagues. In silence, we know something of each other, that there is something special between us. But I never thought that you really loved me and you still do. I know now, because when a guy loves, he gives, he doesn’t say it, he does it in his actions. And you did.

It makes me feel special, there is someone out there. In love, for the sake of love I keep going. You love my ambition and you encourage that, that is beautiful. That is very beautiful to see. I thank you for that. I like you too, I’ve always liked you, but I just didn’t know if you liked me too in that way. Now I’ve realized and I love it that you love me in that way. I didn’t know. It made this day extra special.

I’ll meet you in the future, till we meet again 🙂


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