Just do it

Forget ‘I have to believe’, ‘I have to know what I’m doing’, ‘I need to know the purpose’. Sometimes I just have to do it. My impulse was saying to do an editorial photoshoot. However today I didn’t feel like it. The fact of the matter is that I never feel like it. I was analyzing, getting in my head, about what the point is and the last photoshoot I did, didn’t go anywhere. But that’s not the mentality of a successful person. A successful person doesn’t thing or care about the outcome, a successful person is consistent and keeps practicing until they have it right. And I have been practicing this mentality for a long time, it has become a habit.

So I was sitting at the couch and lazy thoughts crossed my mind, procrastination. Suddenly, I stood up and did what I needed to do. I prepared myself for the photoshoot and just did it. Regardless of the outcome.

I felt good afterwards and the pictures looks amazing. I didn’t even expect that to happen. The key here is that I persevere, I value my time, I practice self worth. I push myself. I am not waiting for things to happen, I create it myself, I make it happen. And I am not going to wait on someone or something, I will make it happen myself. No one else will do it for me. That is a lie. Everything that I have achieved so far, is because of my persistence. I do it. I go out there and I do the work. Regardless of any result, I will still continue and do the work. Whether I have lost or won, I continue and that is real success. Success is not ‘winning’ or ‘losing’, it’s going in the field and have the courage and strength to keep going. Keep going forward. Just do it. And winning, is a cherry on the pie. But I have already won, perhaps not in the public eye, but in God’s eye and that is enough for me. I define myself and God defines me, that’s it. I am complete, I am grateful, I am happy, I am successful and I am balanced.

Taste life, live life, don’t think, just do. From the doing, things will happen and things start to unravel that is the true key of success. Much love 🙂


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