It’s not in me to stop, I can’t give up on this mission. The rejection I am getting, keep it coming, it just adds to my story. Because I will make something so powerful, so beautiful, so massive, that the next time I throw, no one can deny my faith, my conviction, my mission to contribute through my film making.

If my country is not accepting my film, my effort, my precious work, that’s okay, I will definitely proof them wrong. The one who is embracing me, welcomes me, my art, is America, the land of opportunities, only in America. I’m being blocked by an energy to get my films in Europe, but that is not my path, not my destiny, America is. I have gotten everything from America, EVERYTHING. Yes, I’ve been educated well in my own country, but I could evolve in USA. My art is growing and my work has been acknowledged by America, Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol of the world.

I have a mission and I will not give up or stop. This is fueling me to continue. I am here to win and my biggest support are my parents, my sister and God. When He is behind me, I’ve got all I need.

Let’s do this, because I can and I will. I most definitely will. It is TIME.




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