Preparing for a big holiday/birthday celebration

It is an absolute honor that we will be celebrating my grandma’s 85th Birthday here in America. Namely in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It’s 4 months from now and my parents and my grandma will come to Los Angeles for three whole weeks. We will go to Honolulu, Hawaii and Las Vegas.

It is an honor and I hope we all can create it a special event. Three weeks, not thinking about anything, recharging. We will be celebrating my grandma’s birthday and my own. Initially I thought it would be too much of a responsibility and it wouldn’t fit my schedule. It would be too much of a hassle. However, I get the opportunity to spend time with my family, it’s not that they come everyday. They live in Europe, across the ocean.

It’s not just picking a destination, it’s planning and organizing. I’m still deciding on which hotel to stay, which was one is nice, relaxing, clean and where I feel the Hawaiian atmosphere. The Honolulu experience. Which hotel gives the best value of their price and where can I get the best food. I don’t know. Right now I reserved Hilton Hawaiian Waikiki Village. I’ve read mixed reviews.

My grandma will turn 85 and we will surprise her. The luxury that I can find at any hotel in Las Vegas, I can’t seem to find that in Honolulu. Oef, I hope I’ll pick the best one.

Imagining of going on a holiday trip is easy, but in reality, I have to do the work. It’s a responsibility to pick a good one for the whole family. It’s fun, but some things needs to be done. We’ll see. 🙂


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