What adds to my stress and how it decreased

Yesterday, 20th of May, 2016.

What a beautiful day today, what a change. From bus to lyft. I didn’t realize that I was on edge because of riding by bus. It just adds to my stress. Ever since I graduated from Acting school in 2013, I took the bus to safe money and invest everything for my dream. Prior to that I rarely used the bus, since the school was thankfully walking distance. I’ve been riding the bus for the past three years. This was going to be the 4th year. Luckily my ‘time’ changed. I am blessed that I can choose to get lyft. This week I used both, I took the bus only once. What a difference.

I had a car in Amsterdam. But at this moment, just being the back seat in a car is nice, very nice. What a relief. We went to Farms of Beverly Hills. We had a lamb burger, very delicious. I’m really happy about it. I observed that it is time to move on, get to a higher level. Riding by bus doesn’t serve me anymore. It used to be convenient for three years, but not anymore. When I took lyft, I talked to people who are very happy and calm, unlike the people I meet on the bus. That’s not LA. In LA, everyone is positive, it is the land of positivity. I meet positive people in lyft, very nice atmosphere. And when I came home, I had my great energy, very light, happy go lucky. I was passionate about life again.

I can’t believe it, but just long drive, no people, staring outside, lovely, what a serenity. For 22 years I was living in Amsterdam, my house was next to a river. Silence and serenity. Of course I am going to yearn for that kind of serenity. Luckily I do have that now in my apartment. Slowly getting that outside as well. I thank God for this gift. I love America and I love this city, but what makes this city great is that you can enjoy life instantly. And I am here, so I’ve to do of that more. Unbelievable. After having a mouth watering lamb burger we took a delicious ice-cream at Amorino. A nice girl’s night out with my sister. Which I haven’t done for a long time. At least not like this. I loved it 🙂


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