It can only be better, if I trust the path of God

You were in my dream, we did hold hands, but a crow disturbed the dream. Immediately after I felt that we were connected. Intuitively I know that in waking life we are not on the same life path. Spiritually I know that. Just physically, I liked holding hands with you, physical touch. I believe we have a strong connection and we do love each other, but the concept of love is different and I have to let you learn on your own. I know something inherently what you don’t know at the moment.

That is why it is no point of visiting the past. I love you and I will not stop loving you. We are connected, but for the spiritual growth I accept my destiny. I accept the decision of God. I cannot re-write what is meant for me. There is something, that I cannot see and time is showing me, that the choice I’ve made is the best on for me. Even though it was hard and I wanted to stay with you, I know it would be indifferent to you in waking life, it wouldn’t help you and me. I trust that God has something beautiful and I see the fruits of it in waking life, I see it all here. I have everything I need. It can only be better, if I trust the path of God. Ever since I took the path of God, I started meditating and following my mission, my spirit started to shine. I am healing. This is the right choice, I love the life I live. This is it. I am exactly where I am meant to be. You are the master planner God, only you. Amen.


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