Wonderful gift

Me and my sister woke up early to the groceries, since we wanted to escape the crowd. That was nice and it worked. Doing the groceries takes time, but I’m becoming more efficient. It’s exciting when I try out new food. I won’t judge this time. Because I know time changes. It takes a complete different turn, but for the best. However certain things aren’t accessible anymore. That’s okay, that’s why I have to indulge in this moment. Walk with my time and go with the flow. I have this time right now and I am savoring it. If God presents rest, I go with the flow and I trust my impulse. I act when I have a burning desire which comes from within. I have the camel power, I understand now.

I am working for longevity, for long term. God has given me a wonderful gift that fits me. He has given me that wonderful gift to share it with the world. I am his messenger, through my art I will express it. I love my journey and I love it that I am sharing this journey with my sister. I wouldn’t do it differently, I wouldn’t ask for something else.

We went to whole foods and bought jasmine organic brown rice from lotus food. We used to buy Basmati rice from Ralphs, but after a while I didn’t like the taste anymore. I wanted to try something new. So I did and this is delicious. We also bought salmon, which is in season, right now. Delicious combination, it was very tasty. It makes it very delish with nice dishes, not a flat one, but with depth 😉 And I bought one cupcake, which I don’t like anymore, I had too much of it, now I am in to ice cream 🙂  After that I worked on a Youtube ad for our film. And in an hour, I have Zumba class, woohoo!

That was it, happy Monday my lovely birds, xxx

photo 1 (25)


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