Why wasn’t this revealed to me before

Who am I? Obviously I can see, that I’m not living up to my full potential, at least that’s how I feel. But hearing true stories ( http://fusion.net/story/244545/famous-and-broke-on-youtube-instagram-social-media) of these vloggers and celebrities,  compared to them I had the best life in Amsterdam and I didn’t even know it. Why? Why wasn’t this revealed to me before? I thought I would be it, ‘fame’ would make me happy, fame equals to being rich. Which is wrong, it’s not true! I thought I would be happy if I’m finally doing what I love, I would have rest in my heart. I do, but everything I had in Amsterdam is not there for me right now. I feel betrayed. If I only knew that my life is great, that everything I had was far more than what was being said in tabloids. It was revealed to me, but I guess wasn’t open to the truth. That my life was and is actually very fulfilling with or without.

I want to change the whole content. And this is exactly what I prayed for to find out the truth. Why were they(celebrities, ‘successful people’) there. And why wasn’t I there in big films and TV shows. Simply because at the time I didn’t need it, I had my parents, both of them, my sister, a big house, my own big room. Because of this it pushed me harder. I wanted to ‘succeed’. But really wanted to make a difference. The way I live my life is amazing and time reveals this to me over again.

I want to change the system. Be innovative. Connecting with people is key. The only thing I can give right now is my perseverance. Give, give, give, keep giving. What you see is not what it is. In this world I can make the impossible possible, because in the other dimension it’s logic. It is possible, everything is possible. I’m using the old method, focus.

The only thing I have at my disposal is my creative work. That’s the only thing I can give right now. As much as I want to be in a romantic relationship, it will come when it’s time. I have to work with what I have.



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