How Eating lots of chocolate, going to bed too late, and not eating variety of foods, affected my gums

What a day it was on Monday. I completely put the trust in God today. I haven’t been to the dentin in 4.5 years. This was initially very scary. Because I had to find a reliable one. I found one close to my house, walking distance. It was necessary to go. Because my gums were inflamed. I felt it. What the dentist didn’t understand and I tried to explain it, but letting out a huge fact is, that within 6 months of time span, I only was eating chocolate. Just chocolate. When I found out about GMO food, I realized there wasn’t much to eat, this was roughly a year ago. I had to be aware bout highly pesticide food, which is in bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, just to name a few. Which is a lot. It wasn’t fun, because it was affecting my skin. I just didn’t know what to eat anymore and my sister was screaming for non-gmo food. My sister didn’t really cook something nice anymore, it was just carrots. No meat, since there was no 100 % grassfed meat. My sister was experiencing this more, a 100 % level more. I wanted to just keep going, real food or not, if I die, I die. Because I didn’t see any damage to my body at that time. But my sister was being persistent. I did join her.

Fast forward, within 6 months of time span there was more vegan restaurants, non gmo organic food accessible. I bought a cookbook which encouraged me to bake. I baked, no sugar added. And no more chocolate. I do eat salmon, shrimp and I love meat, but I eat lamb. Only lamb as meat.

I am from Amsterdam born and raised. My mom used to cook for me with variety. I ate everything. Because it was real food. Everything changed here.

Thankfully, the black stain and tartar between my teeth are removed and it’s clean now. My gums are now a little bit up because of that, but it will naturally grow back. With proper food and brushing my teeth on time. I just brushed my teeth 🙂

To keep my gums and teeth healthy I will start brushing my teeth at 10pm and stop eating by that time.

Whenever I come from work and I am super hungry, I make my own food. I used to just buy chocolate and eat that. Eat only that. That wasn’t affecting my skin. But it was effecting my teeth and gums.

I was working for my career and neglecting myself, my health. I didn’t value my it, I thought, it will be fine. Now I take responsibility and make good food at home. It does take time, it really does. But health is wealth and it shows that I do care now about myself, my body and my health.

Gums grow back, it really does. I just take it nice and easy, don’t floss in front of my teeth and it will be fine. There are no experts, listening to my own body  and taking huge responsibility for my self. No one will do it for me, just me, myself and I.

Following my dream is not an easy job, but nothing is ‘easy’. Everything takes time and work. It’s discipline to the highest form. Discipline to cook myself, clean my teeth properly and taking care of my business. Balancing it all of. It all takes work and time.

May time be with you or rather, take control of time. I’m putting myself on the map, again. Have a good night 😉




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