How quickly can I let go?

How quickly can I let go? That was the question asked by the yoga instructor today at How power fusion class. I went there at 7pm till 8 pm. What a relief, all my anxiety went away. I was so anxious. I didn’t want to go initially, I didn’t feel like it. But I just listened to my intuition, not my mind. My mind was saying I can go another time, but my heart was saying go now. And I am glad I did. Even during the process I thought, it’s okay, it’s not effective. But I forgot of what an impact this class has. After this class I came home, I felt such at peace. Yoga is my sanctuary, I feel definitely more relax. Afterwards I feel more at rest. What a relief.

You are not the issue anymore. I can let go of you on the spot when I want to. Ever since I took responsibility of my life which was 1.5 years ago and put you on ‘hold’, I lived my life. I could spend my whole life going back and forth with you. After I just went on with my life, -and note I didn’t leave you, I never did, I just went on with my life and you happened not to catch up with me. – I changed from within and it’s visible from the inside out. I found myself.

I won’t stop loving you, but I love you by giving us space. For you, you need some time now to discover yourself. Because I know who I am, I know exactly who I am, inherently. I love who I am and I won’t let myself down anymore. I went on with my life and I truly hope you’re doing well and you’re happy. I am happy. We shared some beautiful time together. But I am adapting to change. Or rather I am accepting my destiny. I’m not changing it, I am following the path of my destiny.

I don’t feel and that’s where I exactly know that I am on the right track. When I feel, I sit with it. I used to go after feelings, but music is my gateway. Music brings me everywhere. Just listening to it. It brought me to you. I have a whole life ahead of me. Happiness is within me, love is within me. Take out all the anxiety, throw it away. I bring happiness to myself, I bring love and joy. It shows confidence by having fun by myself, enjoying myself. I make life special.

Have a beautiful night, look at the moon, see you boss, much love


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