Why wait? In the end what matters is that I’m trying

It’s all possible, I just have to find a way. There is a way. There’s always a way. It’s getting focus. Today I didn’t go to hip hop class. Instead I will go to yoga class tomorrow. It’s internal, going back to what I want, fulfilling myself, focusing on my desires, my development.

Who am I? There are times when I’m one with myself. And times when I neglect myself. My own personality. I can do much more than I think and it’s much more simple than I think it is. In Amsterdam 4.5 years ago, I had two jobs, I had a role and was touring, I was seeing someone, my ultimate goal was to go to America, to study acting and pursue my dream. I had family functions, I wrote.

Now it’s simple, just me and my dream.  But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s less. Because it’s so simple, it’s easy to get distracted. The classes I take at La fitness should enhance my focus, not take away from my mission. 4.5 years ago my mission was to go to America, to pursue my dream. It was challenging at times, going in the unknown, saving money. I felt I was going into a dead end and my soul wasn’t growing. Now of course I appreciate everything, because now I know how blessed I am and what I had was beautiful. I’m again going into the unknown, taking the first steps. I learned how to live life.

I’m cooking myself, doing the groceries and focusing on getting my film on outlets such as Hulu and Netflix. Because I believe the film deserves that kind of recognition, exposure. It’s inspiring and it serves for educational content as well. There are movies out there, which gets maximum exposure, but I don’t necessarily like it. Sometimes the content is not appealing at all. Films are out there and flop, from major studio’s, like huntsmen. Just because they have the ‘contacts’ or ‘marketing budget’, doesn’t mean that that’s what we should see. I want to see girls that I can relate too, or inspiring stories, real characters. That’s why I dare to pitch it, I want it. Why wait?

Wait for what, for the right moment? Even with a lot of audience appeal, viewers, people might not like it. What matters is that I’m trying. I’m doing justice to the character of the film, which is based on true events. I’m giving a voice for those who can’t. Because I can, I’m contributing. And that’s truly what I want. Because I’m blessed that I do have everything, the most important thing in my life, my integrity, my self 🙂




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