It takes skills and being human to live in the city of my dreams

Whenever you put me down, I will not stay on the ground. I will pick myself from the ground. You come here, scrutinize my home? Scrutinizing my work, where I live, where the whole world wants to live. You know the truth. It’s easy for you to say that this is nothing, but listen honey if you would go through my  journey, trust me, you won’t have the guts that it takes to get through this journey, the humanity. It takes being human to get where I am right now. You think it’s money, I say it’s skills.

Deep inside of you, you know that you could have been here, you know your faith. I have seen it happening. You pushed me, but when my heart is under attack, I have no choice other than keep going forward, because this is my destiny.

I never thought that I could feel this power and I am stronger enough to climb my highest tower. There is literally no turning back when my heart is under attack. No turning back. You were not even worth of everything I would say to you, how blessed I am that I am here in Los Angeles. I am happy and guess what, you’re crumbling already, you just created a huge karma of your own. The truth always will come out. Always. Mark my words, one day you want to say sorry, but it will be so arranged, that you can’t even have access to me. When you realize what you have done and what me and my sister and especially my mother have meant to you , then you will feel your heart aching.

What fear, I have no fear right now, no fear, absolutely fearless. And trust. In time you will see, what your mother has done. You will see it, I think you already have seen it, but all of you have created your karma. I will definitely get what is rightfully mine, my destiny, I will fulfill my destiny. It is time. Don’t you ever dare again to come and belittle me or my sister. When we had kindness to give, you couldn’t see it. You don’t want to see it, you don’t see the blessings, but I do. Let me live my life to the fullest, you coward, you don’t think big, so yes go home, where you belong. I don’t have to justify myself to you, I don’t have to say anything to you, my actions are already speaking. And guess what I just killed you with kindness.


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