Hillary Clinton made a masterplan 8 years ago, Trump was just a distraction. Behind this election, there is something more important going on, with humanity.

Connect the dots my friends. Connect the dots. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t stand a chance, next to Obama. He was the chosen one. She knew that. She has to stand to a ‘clown’, next to a huge distraction, which happened to be one of her close friends and business partner Trump, so that the focus is shift from a horrible leaked e-mails to someone who is ‘entertaining’ us.

If you have watched Zootopia (the sheep, yep, does it ring any bells?) and Quantico (the senator is behind the bomb blasts) it makes sense. Filmmakers are speaking to us. I am a filmmaker and I am also revealing the truth(about another topic), which thankfully has been selected for best short film.

There was no choice, there was no choice from the start. If you ask around you, who would you choose? All of them are saying, none of them. Very interesting that Bernie, ‘stepped out’ a few days ago.

Of course she will win. She had 8 years to plan this. But everywhere I go, the citizens of United States of America, is not happy. She is dangerous. She is calculated. The e-mails have been leaked, we know what she is capable of. However this is certainly not the biggest issue. No matter what the press is saying, believe in yourself, trust your own instincts. Think as individuals and always question everything.

Whatever happens, we all have each other. Don’t assume, that whatever is on the news, or press, that it is the truth. It is often far from the truth. Keep your eyes open, be alert and above all follow your own instincts. America is going up again, no doubt about it, America is becoming great again. It is already happening, this country is going to be a powerhouse again. But it shouldn’t be at the cost of someone else. I understand that things have to be done for the great or good, but there are more ways that lead to Rome.


Having said this, we as the citizens of United States of America, we’re fine, all is well. From decades, they are just trying to scare the citizens. It’s safe out there, a beautiful life. We all feel it, intuitively. All is well. Those attacks are distractions, to hide something which is larger than anything else. Food, medicines and clothes. Please, try to implement non gmo food and organic food in your life. Yes it costs a lot, I know. I don’t have a car, I am spending it on quality food. Perhaps in the near future I can invest in a car. Yes I can get a brand new car, for less than $250 a month. But that money, I am investing in quality food. There are a lot of ingredients, which are very dangerous and toxic for the human kind. Milk is not what it’s supposed to be, not anymore.

I don’t know if you have seen  Bill gates video. But he said in a Youtube video: that with medicines, food they can decrease the population significantly. They can do that, he said it himself. Health is more important, health is wealth. Trust me, when I chose for health, I received wealth. I am healthy.

Being human. God Bless. Spread love and kindness, always.


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