I love you, I love you, I love you, I love youl

I love you, just come to me. Let’s hug. Put your ego aside, why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that love can be simple. love is simple. you hug and we kiss and then we continue with our daily life. If you would understand, I would hug you, kiss you and then the next morning, I would exercise and do things on my own. But focusing on my own life, continuing with life, doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you.

This whole explanation shouldn’t happen, you understand me right? From within? I love you so much. It’s that simple. It’s really that simple. A gentle kiss, a simple hug, yet so effective, so romantic. I wish you understood, but that’s asking for another personality. It’s not in you, I guess. It is, but you decide when you want to give and when not. I can’t wait on that. But I love you, please know that, I have always loved you. After you, I dated some guys, but I want you. I always want you, you are my diamond. I wish you could see the same, how beautiful you are. You think you don’t deserve this beautiful love and that is the root of all the problem. If you give that to yourself, that beautiful real love, that we had, life is amazing. ❤


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