I got the message, God, thank you

I always have this inner dialogue with myself. Do I matter, do I exist? There where two pigeons, doves in front of my apartment window. I thought the dove wasn’t aware of me. I though he isn’t even noticing that I’m looking at him. The dove didn’t look at me and kept doing his thing. he looked all around, but not at me. He was flying and came back to his spot. The dove positioned himself and came flying to me. He did notice! He was completely aware of me. It was a blessing and the dove delivered the message. He answered my question. He answered the core. I got the message, God is noticing, he is looking. I do exist. God is the protector.

The dove was a messenger from God. I have to trust God and put faith into action. Take the necessary step to get closer to you God. I’m a messenger myself. I’m here to spread love and kindness to those who are open to receive the goodness. Thank you God for being my true friend. Thank you for bringing me to America, I fell astray, but you brought me back. I can see the beauty, I want to see the beauty. It’s truly time to move forward. Reach the audience. Bring the message to the people. Bring it across the world. It’s time. The beautiful animals, such as the dove, your creation is behind me.

What more do I want. Love is there. The best people are behind me, the diamonds. I cannot see it, you can can. Thank you


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